How Much Does The Silk’N SensEpil Cost?

The Silk’n Sensepil has and MSRP of $499 and most retailers are selling it at this price. However, from time-to-time if you get lucky you can find it for $199 directly through Silk’n but offers like this are between are far between.  At $199, the Sensepil may seem expensive but when compared to professional laser hair removal treatments it is actually a steal.

Replacement cartridges for the Silk’n sensepil cost $35 apiece. Each cartridge generally lasts for 1 treatment of your whole body, a total of 750 pulses. Again, this may seem expensive but if you go to a laser treatment center you are likely to be charged $400-$500 for a single whole body treatment.

Below is a table I have created that compares the costs of 6 treatments with the Sensepil to the average cost for 6 treatments from a professional laser hair removal center. Six treatments is a standard package sold by professionals that they claim is needed in order to achieve full results. The estimates below are for hair removal on your legs, bikini, and underarms.

Treatment Type Average Cost
6 Professional Treatments $4,000
6 Silk’N SensEpil Treatments $375

*$4,000 is an average cost that we found by consulting several sources
*$375 includes the SensEpil device at $200 and 5 replacement cartridges for the 5 subsueqent treatments

As you can see there is significant savings in using the Silk’n Sensepil over professional treatments. And of course that is without even mentioning that you also get the privacy and convenience of doing it in your own home on your own schedule.

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  1. Silkn is great. no sense of discomfort or whatsoever compared to other treatmentslike wax or razors which i haaaate! So I can say it really changed my life in a %100

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