What Is The Silk’n Edge? My Silkn Edge vs. SensEpil Review

The Silk’n Edge is a new device within the hair removal industry and is specifically meant for home hair removal use. Often spoken of as home laser hair removal, the Silk’n Edge doesn’t actually employ laser technology but something fairly similar called HPL or home pulsed light. HPL technology (also referred to as IPL) is essentially a weaker version of laser thus allowing it to work in a similar fashion while also being FDA approved for use within the home.

The Silk’n Edge comes as a relatively small electronic device with a handheld portion that is used to administer treatments. It works by simply putting the flash applicator over the area on your body where you want hair to be gone and then pushing a button that activates the HPL flash. The Silk’n Edge, like all devices of its kind, uses replacement HPL cartridges. These HPL cartridges cost about $50 each and last for about 1 full body treatment or many more if you are only treating specific areas.

The Silk’n Edge sells for just $400 and includes two HPL cartridges that are provided to help you get through the initial few months of treatments. If you are interested in purchasing the Silk’n Edge check out the rest of my site. I have a ton of information on the SensEpil and all of it is applicable to the Silk’n Edge and Silk’n Pro also since they are almost exactly the same.

What Is The Difference Between The Silk’n Edge and Silk’n SensEpil?

The new Silk’n Edge is brought to us by the same makers as the Silk’n SensEpil and to be quite honest there aren’t really all that many differences between them or the Silk’n Pro for that matter. The main motivation behind the new Silkn Edge is quite simply it’s attempt to appeal to men who are looking for home hair removal.

The original Silk n SensEpil comes in a very girly pink/fuschia color that, although seeming silly, many men simply weren’t willing to purchase or be caught using. Silk’n saw this concern and realized a need to provide men with the SensEpil in a more appropriate color, hence the Silk’n Edge was born. The new Silk’n Edge comes in a mostly white and light blue color and has a slightly different design that makes it look much more sleek.

Besides the difference in color and design the Silk’n Edge has been FDA approved for the removal of facial hair along the jaw and just below the cheekbones, as was not the case with the SensEpil. With the Silk n Edge men can now get rid of unwanted facial hair anywhere from the cheekbones on down. This means no more hassle in shaving each and everyday. Even for those that still want their facial hair but dread its thickness a few treatments should help thin it out while not leaving you beardless. Just careful because the treatment isn’t reversible and if you use it to much you may end up with no beard at all. But let’s not forget even if you love your beard and want to keep it the Silk’n Edge can be used anywhere throughout the rest of your body to get rid of other unwanted hair.

Despite their differences there is no need to worry about the Silk’n Edge’s effectiveness because outside of color and an expansion of safe use areas the Edge is exactly the same and the SensEpil. It still uses Silkn’s patented HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology which means that you can still expect to get the same wonderful results that many women have been experiencing over the last couple years. The Silkn Edge also comes with all of the same safety features so you can be sure that it will be easy to use safely and as directed.

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  1. will the replaceable head for sensepil still be available if silk n pro is taking its place. Or does the same head fit both?

  2. Hi so I have bought the silk’n and plan to use it to treat hair on my chest, and yes the face below the cheek bone. I really hate shaving.

    Did my first treatment, it wasn’t so bad. I will post again after a few more to let everyone know how its working out.

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