Where On My Body Can The Silk’n Sensepil Be Used?

The Silk’n Sensepil has been designed to be used mainly on peoples legs, arms, bikini line, and underarms. Using it on any of these areas is considered completely safe and highly effective.

Outside of these most common and prescribed areas it has also been used by some on the chin, face, and pubic region. When using the Silk’n Sensepil on ones face the user’s manual directs individuals to only use it from the cheek line down. It also is important that when using it on your face you are extremely cautious in being sure avoid setting off the pulse anywhere near your eyes. As with all laser lights, the Sensepils HPL lighting is known to be extremely harmful on the eyes.

As for the other parts of the body where hair grows it is rather inconclusive as to how safe and effective it is. Since the Sensepil isn’t  technically made for other areas of the body we cannot get confirmation from the company about its safety and effectiveness in these other areas. Due to this all we have to go on is user reviews. Some user reviews we have found claim that the SeneEpil does work on other areas but again this is unconfirmed.

Use the Sensepil at your own risk in areas outside of what is recommended in the owner’s manual.

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  1. I saw this product on Shopping channel Canada and got it from there. It is very easy to use and does save time if u think about it because it is done in the convenience of your home, there is also the sense of privacy and level of comfort which one can not feel with a doctor. the results were pretty cool too about 25% of my hair was gone within the first 3 treatments.

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