How Effective Is The Silk’n Sensepil?

In general the Silk’n Sensepil has been proven to be very effective at reducing and nearly eliminating the growth of hair all together. In order for one to see results however they must undergone a full cycle treatment sessions each roughly two weeks apart. This means that for most people to see significant results it can take 8-10 weeks. After this time period nearly all users will be required to continue with less frequent treatments for up to a year to see desired results. The Sensepil seems to work a little bit different, in terms of effectiveness, on each individual person and therefore you should not expect to see the exact results as another user. It is important to note that the cause of these differences is a result of the HPL technology working very differently on different skin tones, hair colors, and hair types.

One study on the effectiveness of the Sensepil took a look at 150 different women who used the device over a six month period. This study concluded that after 3 months 80% of users experienced significant hair reduction. The results from this study showed that the Sensepil works quite well. Below is a table showing the results of the study.


Area Treated Hair Reduction %
UnderArms 41%
Legs 54%
Arms 52%
Bikini Area 43%

*This study was performed by Silk’N, the makers of the SensEpil

According to the study above the Silk’n Sensepil seems to work quite well. However, since this study was funded and performed by the makers of the SensEpil we wanted to dig a little deeper and see what we could find from some real users of the Sensepil.  We checked out and found the following review from a real user of the Sensepil.


“To give you some background, I have fair skin and thick, dark hair. When I shave, stubble is visible afterwards at the skin surface, and when I shave my armpits, it looks like I haven’t even shaved.

I’ve tried many hair removal methods including shaving, Nair, wax, and even epilation. Right now I use a combination of epilation and shaving, but because the epilator hurts, and hurts far too much to treat my underarms or bikini line, I’ve been considering using laser for a long time so decided to buy this before I invested $3-5k in a series of treatments.

When I first received the Sensepil, I did most of my body: underarms, legs, bikini area, arms, and a bit of my stomach. The bulb was shot by the time I finished but I did get my full body covered. It takes a while, about as long as it takes to use an epilator, maybe a little less.

For most of my body, on the highest setting, it only stings periodically but in some sensitive areas, it was tough to take. However that’s on the highest setting. At the lowest setting, I didn’t really feel it at all.

The immediate effect was minimal. On my arms, which I didn’t shave, the hair was singed a bit. Elsewhere, it left me a little stubbly – I later shaved and it was fine. My guess is that the flash of the light singes surface hairs but treats the roots. So, the first three days, it didn’t look like anything was happening, but by the fourth day or so, I noticed that when I shaved, my legs were extremely smooth. Then I noticed that my underarms looked a hundred times better – after shaving, there was very little visible stubble, which was a first for me.

When I noticed improvement, I bought a new bulb and then went over my body again two weeks later (it recommends a treatment every two weeks). Again, the bulb lasted through my whole body and it hasn’t burned out yet, though I bought another for backup. Overall, I’m noticing a gradual reduction in hair. My armpits look great, there’s significant hair reduction on my arms and legs. The only area that’s showing only a slight reduction is my bikini line, possibly because the hair is so coarse and dense. But I am noticing a reduction, and I’m going to keep it up.

The only reason why I’ve given it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it does cost a bit, given that aside from the initial cost, you should expect to buy a bulb for each treatment. It’s nothing compared to professional laser costs – consider $50 a treatment vs. $500 and up (for the whole body). I’ll update my review over the next few months with remarks on its effectiveness.

Update: It’s still working great and I’m officially in love with this machine. I have essentially no stubble under my arms – I’ve never seen them like this before – and the hair on my arms and legs has gone way down. Pubic hair area is fading out at a slower rate, but I’m still happy with the progress.”

This review is just one of many that we have seen from real users says that Sensepil works very well. I think that if you are considering professional laser hair removal treatment that it would be in your best interest to try the Sensepil first since it appears to be pretty darn effective and extremely inexpensive in comparison. When making your purchase you best bet would probably be to get it direct from Silk’n since they offer a special 60-day money back guarantee.

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  1. I had completed my treatment sessions with silk’n and let me tell u i do not regret getting it i have completely no unwanted hair on my face, arms and under arms (that was the only areas I had treated).
    I was very surprised to see how it was working first i noticed hair reduction and there way less hair growing back than i noticed that the hair which was growing back was weak it looked damaged and burned and if i pulled on it, it would come out right away with no pain. later during the process there was no hair left at all. it is such a relief to be hair free and to realize that hair is gone

  2. I would like to know if this had any side effects. I read online that you should wear sunscreen after this. I’m imagining that a light that bright going over your body that many times isn’t good. I wonder if it does actually cause skin cancer.

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