A short note from one of our readers regarding the SensEpil

Below is a short excerpt from a reader of ours by the name of Annie.

“Hey very impressive product… I am planning to start using it next month after my gf completes her session to be honest I was very skeptical and therefore didn’t bother to buy this product but my best friend is way more naive than me and way more of a perfectionist when it comes to hair cloth and make up.  So as soon as she saw silk’n online she was convinced she had to have it ….I was surprised that for such limited price compare to these of a treatment at the doctors silk’n gave such amazing results !!!  She has no hair left on her arms, arm pits and bikini lines she didnt bother to do the legs but i am sure the result would of been the same I was convinced it really works !!!”

There you have it… Another satisfied Silk’n Sensepil user!