Silk’n Sensepil Replacement Cartridges: How Long Does each Cartridges Last?

One concern regarding the Silk’n Sensepil is the life of the lamp cartridges that provide the HPL lighting that works to removal hair. Concerns have been voiced that these cartridges only last for one treatment and that they are quite expensive at $35 apiece. At first glance this is somewhat troubling but if you really think about it you are essentially paying $35 for each treatment which is actually quite cheap as compared to one professional treatment that may cost $500 or more.

Per the Silk’n website we found that “lamp cartridge life is currently limited to 750 pulses.” This means 750 totals flashes of the lamp cartridge, which oddly enough is also the estimate for how many will be needed for one full body treatment. Of course if you are focusing on only one or two areas it will last for several treatments.

After calculating the numbers we think that one cartridge per treatment is extremely cheap. The only real concern is being sure you have backup cartridges available in case the one you are using goes out in the middle of a treatment. One nice thing about the Sensepil regarding this is that it comes equipped with warning lights that alert you to when your cartridge is about to go out.

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