What Does My Silk’n Sensepil Purchase Include?

I wanted to write a quick post today and let you all know exactly what you get when your purchase the Silk’n Sensepil home hair removal device, as in what the contents of your package should include. Below is a comprehensive list of what you get.

The Sensepil retails for $499 (can sometimes be found on sales for $199) and include the following:

– 1 Silk’n Sensepil device
– 1 Instructional DVD
– 1 Quick Start Guide and User’s/Owner’s Manual
– 1 Lamp Cartridge (with 750 pulses)
– 1 Power Cord

If your purchase is lacking any of these contents please contact the retailer you made your purchase from ASAP.

Also, if you purchase any extra replacement cartridges they should be included at a cost of $35 each. However, depending on the retailer you purchased from they could be coming in a separate package. You can also purchase a Sensepil Lifetime cartridge for just $99. This is designed to last forever and you will never need to purchase another refill cartridge for less 3 times the cost of a regular replacement cartridge this is a very good deal!