How Painful Is the Silk’N SensEpil?

Most professional and home hair removal methods are quite painful so naturally one of the biggest question surrounding the Silk’n Sensepil is whether it is painful or not. The answer to this question is a yes but not as painful as other methods. The Sensepil can indeed be slightly painful but one of it’s greatest benefits is that users have reported it to be significantly less painful than nearly all other hair removal methods.

One user review we read said that:

“For most of my body, on the highest setting, it only stings periodically (sort of like a rubber band snap) but in some sensitive areas, it was tough to take. However that’s on the highest setting. At the lowest setting, I didn’t really feel it at all.”

When used as directed users have reported feeling slight sensations of heat when using the Sensepil. In some cases this heat has been reported to be completely painless while others say it hurts to varying degrees. Users have also noted that evidence has shown that it is more painful in areas with thicker, darker hair. Most users have also reported that the first treatment is the most painful with each subsequent treatment hurting less and less.

One great thing about the Silk’n Sensepil is it’s 5 different intensity levels. These different levels allow for a lower setting if you have a lower tolerance for pain or more sensitive skin but also a higher setting if you want to see maximum results and can handle the pain.

User feedback about the Silk’n Sensepil has been overwhelming in showing that although somewhat painful, it is a much better alternative to other popular home hair removal methods. If you have used the Sensepil give my readers your opinions in the comment section below.